Adrian and Lisa

As trustees of a family trust, Adrian and Lisa, along with their professional trustee, were looking to review the structure, strategy and ethical approach to the trusts investment portfolio. The trustees approached Ethical Investing NZ (“EINZ”) and laid out the following scope of their requirements to Financial Planner, Mark Holtom:

  • Explain EINZ’s company profile and approach to the brief laid out by the trustees
  • Analyse the trusts current situation in comparison to an equivalent portfolio of investments with EINZ
  • Identify if making a change is in the best interests of the trust and beneficiaries
  • Recommend appropriate actions, supported by a degree of analysis

The Trustees also expressed their frustration with the attitude of their existing provider that had a “its our way or no way” investment approach. This did not sit well with the trustees belief in adopting a strong ethical approach to investing.

The trustees detailed their expectation from an adviser as follows:

  • Keeps the goals of the trust in mind throughout time as the needs of the beneficiaries change
  • Recommends an appropriate investment strategy that takes into account the stage of life the beneficiaries are at
  • Has an awareness of investing and taxation structures for domestic and international assets
  • Has an awareness of ethical investing in support of the planet and its people
  • Can balance financial return with ethical investing goals
  • Can provide clear reporting of the portfolio through digital means
  • Can manage the day to day administration requirements of the portfolio
  • Can process one off and regular drawdowns as required to be paid to the beneficiaries


After a number of meetings between the trustees and Mark Holtom, the trustees were very comfortable that Ethical Investing NZ could meet all of the trusts needs and the decision was made to transfer the portfolio across from their existing provider and into one of the EINZ’s sustainable portfolios.

The trustees were impressed with EINZ’s strong ethical values, independent professional research capability, flexible approach to investing and focus on delivering exceptional customer service.

Two years later, the trustees are extremely happy with their decision to make the move to Ethical Investing NZ.

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