How we work

For your sustainable investing, you can rely on our ongoing guidance and active support to help you reach your financial goals.

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Helping you reach your goals in a sustainable way

Kaitiaki of your wealth

We work as your partners in financial wellbeing, taking the time to listen and understand what’s important to you, who’s important to you, and what you want to achieve — with ethical investment funds as the base for our recommendations. We work to understand your individual situation, tailoring our advice and providing you with your own personal roadmap. We’ll give you confidence that you can achieve your goals. Our independent and impartial service means we give you unbiased advice — we are not aligned or tied to anyone.

The stages of working with us

From setting objectives and guiding recommendations, to helping navigate your journey to stay on track, we’re there with you all the way. Our process is thorough and rigorous. We take you through a Discover and Plan and then a Guide and Support stage. We are your active partner in financial wellbeing throughout the whole process, supporting you as your guide/navigator.

What it costs

We believe in long-term, trust-based relationships, so we like to work with you over the medium to long term. We have a minimum ongoing fee for our advice of $2,000 + GST per year, equivalent to a $200K lump sum. We work with clients with a lower lump sum, or those who can save at least $5,000 per month, who are willing to pay the minimum fee to get access to our full support services. Find out more about our fees and disclosure.

We think of ourselves as a family practice, a place our clients can rely on. As financial planners, we’re more than investment advisers. We take an integrated approach to your life. We also don’t simply give you a plan and leave you to it — instead, we’ll work with you through your life, helping you stay on course to achieve your goals.

Ethical Investing NZ - Helping you reach your goals in a sustainable way

Two options for your ethical investment fund portfolios:

Ethical investments can have great return with relatively low-cost portfolios. Research shows ethical investment funds perform at least as well and can even outperform traditional investing.

Portfolio Series - Sustainable impact portfolios

Sustainable impact portfolio series

A little more cost for additional ‘positive screening’ and increased avoidance of harmful investments. This portfolio type is designed for people who not only want to avoid certain types of investments, but also actively support and invest in sustainable-focused companies.

Portfolio Series - Sustainable portfolios

Sustainable portfolio series

General avoidance of harmful investments and positive screening. This portfolio type is designed for people who want to avoid certain types of investments. This is a lower cost option.