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Ethical Investing (or ESG investing, SRI and responsible investing)
is core to what we do.

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Who we help with ethical investing advice

Our financial planning helps a range of different people who are looking to invest based on their values — from those who have recently received a cash lump sum, those in or close to retirement, high income earners looking to invest, to charities and not-for-profits. Whether you’re new to investing, just received a cash lump sum, want to know when you can make work optional, or how to make your accumulated savings last — we can help you.

You may:

  • have accumulated savings and investments, but are not sure if they will last.
  • be ‘suddenly wealthy’, through an inheritance, divorce, sale of a business or sale of a property.
  • be serious about saving for financial independence – and need to make some decisions.
  • be on the board of a charity or not-for-profit and have a fiduciary responsibility to make prudent investment decisions to ensure the organisation’s financial legacy and purpose is maintained.
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How We Work

You can rely on our ongoing guidance and active support to help you reach your financial goals. We’re committed to being excellent kaitiaki (guardians) of your wealth.

We work as your partners in financial wellbeing, taking the time to listen and understand what’s important to you and what you want to achieve. Our integrated approach to managing clients’ wealth means that we will tailor your financial roadmap to meet your individual needs. We work to understand each individual situation.

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What we help with

Ethical Investing NZ - Discover and plan

Discover and plan

This is stage 1 of our work with you, where we create your own tailored ethical investing roadmap to help you meet your individual needs with confidence.

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Ethical Investing NZ - Guide and support

Guide and support

Stage 2 of our work with you, where we put your ethical investing plan into action. We give you ongoing guidance and support to reach your financial goals and have a range of ethical investing portfolios available.

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Ethical Investing NZ - Not-for-profits


Many charities/non-profits have a mandate to invest their funds ethically. Our expertise guides them through financial decisions and organisational changes.

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Types of financial services we provide

We work with you to put plans in place, plus provide you with ongoing advice. We walk alongside you, providing you with regular reporting, monitoring, management, review, recommendations and implementation to ensure you remain on track to achieve your goals and objectives.

Investment planning and management

We work with you to identify your financial goals and develop a sustainable investment portfolio and investment strategy suitable to meet those goals and reflect your personal values. Our innovative range of sustainable investment portfolios are unique and designed in conjunction with MyFiduciary (our research partner) to offer a series of sophisticated low-cost solutions.


We can recommend an appropriate KiwiSaver investment for you after looking at your personal circumstances, risk tolerance, time horizon and goals.

Retirement Planning

We work with you to:

  • Clarify your retirement goals and objectives, such as when you want to retire, how much income you will need in retirement and where it will come from.
  • Analyse your current financial situation.
  • Develop a strategy to achieve your retirement goals and objectives.
  • Calculate a suitable level of cashflow for when you wish to retire from work.

Financial Planning

We help you identify multiple goals over various timeframes and take a holistic view of your overall financial situation to ensure these goals can be achieved. This work can include:

  • Cash management — We’ll clarify your current and anticipated future income, spending and savings expectations through a budget or similar cash flow analysis.
  • Personal risk management – We’ll identify if you are subject to risks that could cause loss of income (like premature death, disablement, trauma, sickness, accidents and health disorders). We’ll recommend how your risks can be managed or mitigated. Where insurance may be an option for you, we will work with a specialist insurance broker who will recommend and implement appropriate solutions, including types of cover and appropriate products.

Legacy/Gift planning

We help you to establish goals and objectives to give financial support to family or charities. If you are serious about developing a significant regular gifting programme, we have partnered with The Gift Trust to help you identify researched charities and donation mechanisms.

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Other experts on tap

We have additional expert advisers available for services outside of our expertise — such as:

  • Lawyers for estate planning.
  • Accountants for tax advice.
  • Insurance brokers for personal/business insurance protection.
  • Mortgage brokers for debt structure.

What ethical investing means

Ethical investing (sometimes called ESG investing, SRI investing or responsible investing) simply means investing according to your values. See more about the various ways people refer to this in ‘About Ethical Investing’.

Our ethical investing financial planning service helps you consider issues such as:

Environmental issues
Environmental issues

Pollution, climate change, water, and other resources scarcity.

Social issues
Social issues

Local communities, employees, health and safety.

Corporate governance
Corporate governance

Prudent management, business ethics, strong boards, appropriate executive pay, gender and ethnic diversity.

The biggest issue for most of our clients is climate change. We’ve developed a range of portfolios that drastically minimise fossil fuel use and intensity, as well as favouring companies focused on sustainable energy.

Ethical investing performs well

Many people assume investing ethically comes at a cost. Fortunately, the news is good. Research shows ethical investment funds perform at least as well and can even outperform traditional investing. Also, there are now several high-quality yet low-cost ethical index funds, so you can ‘do well by doing good’.