How we Guide and Support you

Putting your financial plan into action.

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From setting objectives and guiding recommendations, we’re there with you all the way, navigating your journey to help you stay on track. We shape your investments around your values — considering people, planet, and profit — while using evidence-based solutions to meet your financial goals. Being a small firm means you’ll get personal service over years to come.

Being founder and employee owned, our independent, fee-based service means you get unbiased advice and support — along with a panel of other experts available when you need them.

We give you an active and ongoing advice-based process and service.

Stages of our guide and support phase

Implementation meeting

Once we’ve agreed your financial plan, we’ll make a mutual commitment to work together. This will include agreeing the services to be provided, setting up the investment portfolio account, providing you with online access to your account and putting in place the various investments. We’ll help you complete the paperwork and coordinate other professionals for additional advice (e.g. accounting, tax, legal).

Post implementation meetings

We provide regular progress meetings and updates, ongoing service and support several times a year to review your plan’s performance, review your goals, review the makeup/mix of your investment portfolio, answer any questions and ensure all other recommendations outside of our service are underway (e.g. lawyer, accountant).

Two options for your ethical investment portfolios:

Our innovative range of sustainable investment portfolios are curated using extensive research and are constantly improved.

Portfolio Series - Sustainable impact portfolios

Sustainable impact portfolio

A little more cost for additional ‘positive screening’ and increased avoidance of harmful investments. This portfolio type is designed for people who not only want to avoid certain types of investments, but also want to actively support and invest in sustainable-focused companies. They are a powerful combination of our low-cost index-based approach and selected ‘active’ funds (higher cost but favour certain companies), in a mix that combines the best of both worlds. Being part of the carbon transition is a core philosophy, not just by avoiding/minimising fossil fuels but also actively seeking out innovative green energy/sustainable energy firms.

Portfolio Series - Sustainable portfolios

Sustainable portfolio

General avoidance of harmful investments and positive screening. This portfolio type is designed for people who want to avoid certain types of investments. This is a lower cost option.

In either case, we can also add in one or more ‘satellite’ funds to match your areas of interest or where you want to make a particular positive impact.

Sustainable portfolios not your highest priority?

We also offer a range of low costs portfolios that still incorporate some broad screening but have a wider range of assets available and less stringent screening out of companies.

How our ethical investment portfolios are developed

Ethical investing means investing according to your values, addressing environmental, social and corporate governance issues.

We have an innovative approach to putting together portfolios. Our portfolios are unique and designed in conjunction with MyFiduciary (our research partners) and our Investment Committee to offer a series of sophisticated low-cost solutions. Our well-constructed portfolios reflect your personal values while maintaining a solution that meets your goals. We heavily screen and research our portfolios before we recommend them to you.

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