Our ethical investment services for charities/not-for-profits

Many charities/not-for-profits have a mandate to invest their funds ethically and have a long-term focus for their funds. That may also include the responsibility of ensuring you’re getting advice and are making informed decisions for investing these funds. Our expertise guides you through all investing and financial decisions.

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All charities or not-for-profits have an obligation to invest in accordance with their stakeholders’ needs and expectations. Stakeholders increasingly expect these investments to reflect environmental, social and governance concerns – very similar to that of individual and family investors. When we work with charities/not-for-profits, the Discover and Plan and Guide and Support stages are very similar to how they are with our other clients.

Ethical Investing NZ - Discover and plan

Discover and Plan

This is stage 1 of our work with you, where we look at what your organisation’s short, medium and long term goals are, what your current asset position is, the investments you already have in place and present recommendations to meet your organisation’s goals and investment mandate.

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Ethical Investing NZ - Guide and support

Guide and Support

Stage 2 of our work with you, where we put your ethical investing plan into action. We give you ongoing guidance and support to reach your organisation’s financial goals and have a range of ethical investing portfolios available.

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We offer a discount on our standard ongoing fee to charities/not-for-profits and will agree with you at the beginning what this discount will be.